Purple Smokey Eyes and Classic Red Lips

Trends on how we wear makeup have changed and we’re only getting bolder and more daring with the looks we wear. The one golden rule when wearing a dramatic eye look was to always pair it with a subtle lip and similarly, when wearing a bold lip color to go easy on the eyes. The main reason given for this was that you were to pick one feature you want to emphasize to avoid looking like a clown. No one wants to walk around looking like a clown…I mean of course I think they are creepy but that’s beside the point right? However times have changed and it’s great that we’re experimenting more. After all, it’s just makeup and you’ll wash it off at the end of the day.

My one piece of advice is to know your colors, play around with your eye shadow palettes and lipsticks to figure out what works and what doesn’t but most of all have fun with it. Have I had moments when my eye makeup and lip color didn’t go well together? Yes! Did I go through my day, knowing I looked funny? You bet I did and I rocked it!

With this particular look, I decided to experiment a little and add a bit of color to my eyes and get dolled up. All brushes I used are by Suzie Beauty and I’ll be sharing a post on how I clean my brushes and take care of them. For my face, I used a primer from M.A.C for a matte finish. With this heat and my pores and sweat glands that open up at the sight of sunshine, a matte finish is what I needed. I followed with Suzie Beauty concealer in Caramel using the F4 Concealer Brush to cover up a few blemishes as well as on my eyelids and lips to prep my blank canvas for all the products I was going to apply. The coverage with this concealer is phenomenal and I’d recommend it any day because a little goes a long way. To set everything, I used Suzie Beauty Loose Powder in SB40 and F1 Powder Brush.

On my eyes, I first used the Toast from the Sleek Au Naturel palette to set my eye area up until my brow bone and also act as my transition color. I used the E2 Medium Shadow Brush, which is good for application of eye shadow all over the eye. Next I used the E4 Contouring Brush with a bit of Regal still from the Au Naturel Palette to contour my eye shape, curving it out into a sort of V-shape for that cat eye feel. I also used a bit of Bark to slightly darken my crease and add dimension.


I first closed my eye then placed the brush in my crease on the outer part of my eye, opened it and started working in light circular motions and then slowly dragging it to the center of my crease as well as flicking it outwards to the edge of my eye. A good tip on doing this is to use a little product at a time and build it up to the desired result.

I finished the look by applying a purple shade from Sleek’s Original palette using the E3 Small Eye Shadow brush, which is good for packing color with precision with minimal fall out. In between applying the different shades, I kept going back with the E2 brush to blend out the shadows and remove any harsh lines and soften the look and cleaned my edges with my concealer brush.


To fill in my eyebrows, I used the E5 Angled Brush and Changa. I was once stopped by a lady who just wanted to ask me what I use to fill in my eyebrows and I often get asked how I do it using eye shadow. Truth be told, my eyebrows take the most time to do…it’s like I’m doing surgery and do not even get me started with the winged liner. From holding my breath so that I can maintain the precision and not mess up, it’s a daily struggle but practice makes perfect. Anyway, I line the bottom side of my eyebrow following my brow bone to where my brow ends.

Without dipping my brush back for more product, I line the top of my brow again following my brow bone then carefully curve over my arch (feel free to exhale and take another deep breath 🙂 ) bringing it down to meet the bottom line just before the end. After that, I fill in using the same eye shadow in small flicks so that my eyebrows look natural. I use the slightest black matte shadow from the middle part of my eyebrows and fill in till the edge to slightly darken it.


To perfect my pout and full lips, I lined my lips using the M.A.C’s Nightmoth liner blending it inwards using a lip brush. For lipstick, I mixed M.A.C’s Rubywoo and Sleek’s Russian Roulette cleaning out the edges with a bit of concealer. Anyone who knows me, knows my go to lip color is red…there’s a reason it’s called a “power lip” :-).  I finished off this look by applying some highlighter on the tops of my cheeks, tip of my nose, Cupid’s bow and just above my eyebrows for a glow.

One of the best things I love about this look is it did not feel heavy on my skin and I can rock it in the office, out to dinner or a cocktail with friends. I would love to see you recreate this look and if you do, please share your photos or leave a comment and tell me how it worked out for you!


Have a lovely Easter break! 🙂


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