Models, Makeup and Dresses….

I recently turned 30 and in celebration of joining the third floor, I thought of doing a photo shoot. The inspiration came from one of my friends Nyambura Mukora who shared a few photos from a shoot she did.She looked amazing! Since I’ve never done a photo shoot, I figured there’s no better time than flirty thirty.

I reached out to my friend Maurice, who owns Avalanche Media asked him if he would be willing to do it. Even better, I thought, it would be great if my boyfriend and I did the shoot together,  you know like those photos you’ve seen online of a couple. They look so good, you can’t help but share the photo with the hash tag #goals. 🙂 Seriously though, I thought it would be fun for both of us because he’s never done one either…at least I hope he hasn’t, otherwise it’s curtains for him..curtains I tell ya!

First thing Maurice asked was my theme and I kid you not, I drew a blank. At first I thought of a vintage theme but I remembered I don’t own anything along that line and my bank account wouldn’t allow me to just spend money I don’t have. Then I thought of going the geeky/nerdy themed way. He’s a software developer, I love reading, plus I wear glasses. Kind of works, yes? no?, okay. Then I thought, humor with a helping of sarcasm because a healthy dose of sarcasm keeps the doctor away…no shade against apples or anything.  Added bonus, I believe I got the sarcasm gene from my mum.

Long story short, I’m still planning to do the shoot. I just need to figure out a theme and how to pose Yeah, that’s my other problem. Unless I’m taking a selfie where all I do is look at the camera and smile, I’m bad at having my photos taken. My go to response when someone tells me to pose is bursting out in giggles after trying to hold a pose for ten seconds (my colleague and also talented photographer Lydia can tell you all about that). She’s taken a few photos of me and it’s always taken her a few takes before she gets the shot. I always end up looking awkward because I don’t know what to do with my arms, face, legs, pretty much my entire body.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post….:-)

A while back I got an opportunity to work with some models for an company called Rent A Dress that rents out expensive events dresses at an affordable price for any occasion be it a cocktail or gala dinner.

I was excited to work with the two models and I got to play with my Morphe palettes, the 35N, which consists of  all matte shades and 35W, which is a mix of matte and shimmer shadows and a set of Morphe brushes as well. I’ll talk about them in detail in a later post but they are super pigmented, easy to work with and have minimal fall out. The looks for both models, was soft smokey brown eyes and a bold lip. I went with Sleek in Vixen a shimmery red for the first model and  Smother (my current Sleek favorite) for the second model, lined with M.A.C Nightmoth lip pencil. I loved both looks and think they are wearable both during the day and night.

Check out some of the photos below :-). I really enjoyed working with the entire team and learned a lot from them. 1467978563068




As always, thank you for stopping by and let me know what you think. 🙂



  1. Legend my darling , I am loving the makeup but most of all, the article got me …..curtains y’all 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Now I can comment, Love the makeup you did for them. So beautiful and I’m super proud of all that you are accomplishing on the 3rd floor :):)

    1. Aaaawwww Trish thank you! You are my inspiration because you helped give me the boot out of my comfort zone. I continue to work at it and will definitely get better with time…ain’t no stopping us now that we’re on the third floor :-)!

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