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A Ruracio, friendship and wonderful memories

I love re-watching past movies and/or series that I consider especially those in which my favorite actors and actresses starred in. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are some of my favorite actresses. I first loved Hudson after watching “How to lose a guy in 10 days” with Mathew McConaughey and Hathaway in “The Princess Diaries“.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and judge but say what you will, these were awesome movies. 🙂

Anyway, there I was curled up in bed on Thursday under the weather, shivering and aching watching “Bride Wars“. I had also watched Wonder Woman the week before so I was determined not to let some flu get me down. I was an Amazon from Themyscira damn it, or so I thought.

Turns out, I had an infection in my chest that the doc told me when I went to hospital (in my pajamas by the way…head scarf and all) was airborne. I remember how far we’ve come in our friendship and how soon she’ll be married and part of me feels like I’m losing her but on the other hand I’m super excited for her.

One time she came over to my place for a sleep over and we were chatting as we watched a movie. I’ll never forget how she was in the middle of a juicy story when she realized I had dozed off and I didn’t live that down for a while. Every time it came up afterwards, she’d roll her eyes at me. 🙂  Sigh…I’m missing her already.

Anyway, this past May I had the honor of working with her as she planned for her traditional wedding, what most people call Ruracio. It so happened that her big day was on the same day as my French exam at Alliance Française and I had to be there by 7am, while the function was set to start at 8am.

Thankfully, we were able make it work and while I was not able to attend because my exam ran long, her ruracio was a resounding success and everyone loved her makeup as did she! 🙂

Check out some of the photos, all courtesy of Sanch photography and below the makeup deets!

Primer: BlackUp SPF 25 Protective primer

Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Mocha with a bit of Coconut.

Concealer: L.A Girl Pro concealer, Fawn

Eye shadow, liner and mascara: Morphe 35N and 35W as well as Suzie Beauty Nairobi Sunrise trio, Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal eye liner and Great Lash mascara

Blush: Suzie Beauty, Terracotta

Highlighter: Sleek MakeUp Contour and Highlight palette, dark

Lip liner and gloss: Revlon Colorstay liner in Plum and NYX intense butter gloss in Toasted Marshmallow.

M + S-9

M + S-4

M + S-3-2

I love this lady and can’t wait to see how stunning she’ll be on her wedding day! 🙂


A soft, everyday makeup look….

I often receive questions and comments on how much time I spend doing my makeup particularly during the week. Most of these questions are from friends, acquaintances and family members who are looking for something easy and wearable for any occasion, those who simply want to get a few more winks of sleep and wake up with just enough time add some color to their cheeks before leaving the house and those who are clueless but want to try their hand at makeup and enhance their already beautiful features.

I love doing my makeup, seeing the transformation but it’s only when I have a special occasion to attend, I can easily spend an hour and a half to two hours getting dolled up. For some reason, it is on such occasions that my eyebrows refuse to co-operate with me and I end up spending close to twenty minutes getting them right. I always go for something quick and on most weekends, I’ll only do my eyebrows, liner and lip balm with gloss over top or no makeup at all 🙂 .

Let’s be honest though, in the hustle and bustle to get to work and earn that paycheck, a full face of makeup is not practical…at least for me 🙂 . I need something that I can do in thirty minutes at the most. By the way, I wasn’t always this quick, particularly with the brows but with practice and patience I seem to have it down and may only change up the lip color. That is the one piece of advice I’d give anyone trying their hand at applying makeup…be patient with yourself and take it in stride when you do mess up. It washes off at the end of the day 🙂 !


Starting off with my face, I use a primer to ensure that everything stays in place. For this look I used a M.A.C primer for a matte finish. I followed it up with L.A Girl Pro Concealer in Orange to conceal and correct a few blemishes on my forehead and right side of my cheek. I set these with my Suzie Beauty loose powder in SB40 and a latex wedge. You can get a pack from Good Life pharmacy and bonus they are disposable so you don’t have to wash them. I followed this with a bit of L.A Girl Pro Concealer in Fawn under my eyes to brighten the area and used a damp beauty blender to tap it in. Finally I set my face with the same loose powder.

I used my Suzie Beauty E5 Angled Brush (one of my favorite brushes) and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade in Dark chocolate to fill in my eyebrows. I’ll admit when I first started using the pomade, it took me a minute to get the handle of it but with practice, my precision has really improved because I didn’t curve them out with concealer.


For my eyes, I simply line my lower lash line with the Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Black, which I got from Nakumatt Mega and smudged it out slightly for a soft smoked out effect. I love the richness of the pigment, the easy glide on formula of it, which makes it easy to apply without feeling like your tearing the skin off your lash line  and it’s non-greasy so won’t move around (it actually takes some effort to get it off). I follow this with my Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, an all-time favorite because of the volume and length it gives my lashes and most of all doesn’t clump up.

With this particular look, I wanted a nude lip for that fresh face feel so I lined my lips with the Revlon Colorstay lip liner (also from Nakumatt) in Chocolate for definition and applied Sleek True Colour Lipstick in the shade Succumb to pull the look together. This particular shade might not work for everyone because we all have different complexions so you have to do the leg work in finding the right shade of nude that suits you.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post and do tag me if you re-create your version of an everyday look. I would love to see it!

I’ll see you on the next one!




Urembo Fashion House Beauties…

Happy new year guys! I hope your year has started off on a high note, got your resolutions down and already taking over the world. If you don’t have resolutions, that’s okay too..go at your own pace. Besides, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, life’s a journey, not a destination. How’s that for a little nugget of wisdom? 🙂

Seriously though, the one piece of advice I can give for 2017 is to love yourself and all that makes you unique…be your authentic self. Life can sometimes beat you down and when that happens, reach out to someone to talk, hold strong in your faith and what you believe in that things will get better.

My hope and prayer for this year is to be a better person in every area of my life; a better daughter, friend, girlfriend, colleague…you get the general idea right?:-)

That said, this post has been on the back burner for the longest time owing to the fact that I lost most of the images from this gig. Thankfully, I managed to retrieve some…well after crying blood, sweat and tears and performing a traditional dance. Yeah, tell me about it….

I got to work with Urembo Fashion House after a friend referred me.(thank you Agarther 🙂 ) and as always I loved it. Located at Garden City Mall, they have an exquisite range of dresses, shoes and accessories for all occasions.

Brenda, Sharon, Rhoda and Michelle were such a delight, I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to another opportunity to work with them. In addition to being so beautiful and smart, they have such amazing skin, it was a breeze. Again I say, your skin comes first…take care of it and it will take care of you.

For these looks, I used Sleek MakeUp and Suzie Beauty Foundation and powder, Morphe 35N and 35W eye shadow palettes, Sleek MakeUp i-Divine eyeshadow palettes; Sunset, Original and Au Naturel, L.A Girl Pro concealer, M.A.C Nightmoth lip liner, Black Opal Dark Cherry lip liner, Revlon ColorStay lip liner in Chocolate, Sleek True Color lipsticks and NYX butter gloss.

Check out the photos! 🙂


Brenda with the classic simple eye look and bold lip color


Rhoda also with a classic simple eye look and bold lip color


Michelle with a smokey eye and soft nude lip color


Sharon went for a semi-bold eye and lip combo that worked out perfectly

I hope you have a beautiful year and pass by again next week for my January 2017 favorites! 🙂

My Favorites for May…

Hey guys! Wow…it has been a while since I put up a post and for that I apologize. A lot has been happening and the last two months have been a bit hectic, attending to a number of family engagements. It’s hard when you see someone you care about going through a difficult time but you get through it and you’re there for the person and do what you can. It does get better… All the same, I hope you have been well and that you’ve missed me :-). Who am I kidding…of course you have and right back at you!

Now to get back on track, I thought I’d start off with some skin, nail and makeup favorites from the past month that I’ve been loving.


I love makeup and yes I could spend all day playing with it, swatching lipsticks and eye shadows but a girl’s got to go to work and that means I don’t always do a full face of makeup (especially during the week). Unless I’m going for a function and I want to look flawless or I just have time and want to spend it making myself looking extra pretty, a full face of make up is a task. Besides, I already spend enough time on my eyebrows..that angle has got to be just right, lest I end up as a meme on how to not do your eyebrows :-).

So what do you do when you need to get to the office but you still want to look a pulled together? Well,  I discovered the Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm from the makeup aisle at Nakumatt Mega and got a tube in the shade Medium.


What I liked most about it is how light it was, yet still giving decent coverage and doesn’t feel heavy. It also has SPF15, which means added protection. I still use it and only squeeze out a drop or two to apply to my blemishes, blend it out and dust my face with loose powder.


Swatch of the Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm

Another favorite, which I’ve raved about enough times are the Suzie Beauty concealers. These are super rich and creamy, you don’t need to use a lot. Not only are they great to conceal blemishes, but I also use them as an eye shadow (remember to set the concealer with and eye shadow shade close to your skin colour) and lipstick base before I apply more makeup. My current favourites are Caramel  and Cocoa.


Suzie Beauty Concealers (left) Caramel and (right) Cocoa

For eye shadow, it really helps keep it in place and avoid transferring from your eyelid to your crease. Can you imagine having done a cut crease with shimmery or neon colour eye shadow only to check your makeup over lunch hour to find it all all on your perfect crease?  I bet you’ll wish you had prepped your eye lid in the morning :-).


Swatches of the concealers (left) Caramel and (right) Cocoa

If there is one reason I love Sleek products, it’s because of how much they compliment different skin tones especially ours. All their products are super pigmented, which means you don’t need to use too much to get the look you’re looking for. Enter the Sleek i-divine Sunset palette and boy will you have a range of shimmery colours to last you a life time, not that we’re ever be satisfied with just one eye shadow palette:-).


I love this palette so much because it has lots of shimmery shadows that could work for a neutral and glam look. Pair this with matte eye shadows from the i-divine Au Naturel palette and you’re set for day and night time looks. They’re super creamy and easy to use, with minimal fall out, not to mention highly pigmented!

In keeping with the shimmer and glowing skin, I also decided to try out the Sleek Face Contour Kit palette in medium. I’m not really into contouring though I’ve done it a couple of times. It could be because I love my chubby cheeks…I really do :-). The highlighter though is amazing! Every time I apply it, I literally just want to stare at myself in the mirror and spend the day feeling like I just bathed in gold.


Swatch of the Sleek Highlight and Contour palette

As with all Sleek products, it’s highly pigmented and you won’t need much. Just brush some on the highest point of your cheek bones, above your brow bone on both sides, cupid’s bow and tip of your nose and you’re good to go.


My last favorites under makeup are Sleek True Colour lipsticks in Smother and Cherry. Both are sheen lipsticks, Smother being a dark purple and Cherry a dark red. I love the True Colour range of lipsticks because they are highly pigmented, creamy and easy to apply. I’ll be honest though…not all of them have worked for me.

I don’t know if it was the formula but some were chalky and kept flaking but most of them worked. I’ll share a review of some of my favorite Sleek True Colour lipsticks soon.


I love pairing these two with my favorite lip pencil, Nightmoth by M.A.C especially when I’m applying Smother because the lip pencil is also a dark purple. Seeing as they are sheen lipsticks, it’s important that you prime your lips before and you might also want to dust your lips with translucent powder once you’re done and reapply as often as you need to in the course of the day.


Swatches of Sleek True Colour Lipstick Smother (top) and Cherry (bottom)

When choosing what eye shadow to go with, I recommend a shimmery gold, brown or even a champagne colour, which will complement the lipstick :-).


In a previous post I explained how I’ve never really had an issue with acne other than the few pimples here and there, well I spoke too soon. Over the past couple of months, I had a sudden on-set of adult acne on both cheeks and chin. This wasn’t the kind that you can pop but the itchy and painful acne that leaves scars. It was frustrating until I bought some Tea Tree essential oil from Healthy U at Ksh800. I just used an ear bud, poured a drop and applied on the problem areas. I also added 2-3 drops to my night cream for it to work it’s magic while I slept.It helped with drying out the pimples, not to mention I loved the smell.

I’ve never really been a DIY kind of person especially when it comes to body lotion, my justification being as long as I have included sunscreen and bio-oil, I’m good. First off, mad respect to guys who whip up their own butters or oils be it for their skin or hair (I tried going nashoro but alas my hair refused to cooperate or I’m just lazy, who knows :-)). Anyway, my skin was getting a bit dry and ashy skin is not our portion. I decided to try Keyara Organics Shea butter and because my skin was calling for drastic measures, decided to mix it with organic olive, coconut  and almond oil, adding in my Nivea SPF30 sunscreen, bio-oil and a few drops of the tea tree oil.

Let’s just say my skin has thanked me and I finally see the light. My skin feels smoother and supple and I love it. One of the best things is how quickly and easily it spreads and with the consistency of the shea butter, you don’t need much. You might spend some extra time prepping and mixing your butter but after that, you’re good for about two months depending on how much you moisturize and I must say it’s worth it especially because you don’t have to start applying oil after oil on your skin. An added bonus if you’re quite the traveler, other than perhaps carrying extra sunscreen,.you’ll only have one jar or tub to carry. 🙂

Nail care

As you take care of your skin, get your makeup right, it’s easy to forget one area that needs tending to…your hands or in this case nails. It sucks when you’re all put together and your nails look all busted or worse, chipped. Even I don’t like when my nails are chipped so I feel it’s important that you take care of the whole package, toe nails included. A pedicure is not an option ladies…and gents :-). When it comes to your hands, ALWAYS carry a small bottle of your hand lotion (add sunscreen to it) and moisturize any time you come into contact with water.

My favorite products when it comes to taking care of my nails has been NailTek. I specifically use number one meant for normal healthy nails to help keep my nails from breaking. I use it as a base coat when doing my nails and sometimes as a top coat.  I have seen the difference in the texture and strength of my nails. Though pricey at Ksh 2,500 from Super Cosmetics, I think it’s worth it because depending on how often you do your nails, which is probably weekly unless it’s gel polish. Based on my experience, one bottle can last you three to four months.

Another favorite is the O.P.I nail polish by the name Skull and Glossbones. It’s a grey-ish-white nail polish that I think complements every skin tone. I love the consistency, which is creamy and it doesn’t leave streaks or patches. Two thin coats and you’re covered and you don’t have to worry about it clashing with any of your outfits!


So far, no fails to talk about which is a good thing. 🙂 (more…)

Purple Smokey Eyes and Classic Red Lips

Trends on how we wear makeup have changed and we’re only getting bolder and more daring with the looks we wear. The one golden rule when wearing a dramatic eye look was to always pair it with a subtle lip and similarly, when wearing a bold lip color to go easy on the eyes. The main reason given for this was that you were to pick one feature you want to emphasize to avoid looking like a clown. No one wants to walk around looking like a clown…I mean of course I think they are creepy but that’s beside the point right? However times have changed and it’s great that we’re experimenting more. After all, it’s just makeup and you’ll wash it off at the end of the day.

My one piece of advice is to know your colors, play around with your eye shadow palettes and lipsticks to figure out what works and what doesn’t but most of all have fun with it. Have I had moments when my eye makeup and lip color didn’t go well together? Yes! Did I go through my day, knowing I looked funny? You bet I did and I rocked it!

With this particular look, I decided to experiment a little and add a bit of color to my eyes and get dolled up. All brushes I used are by Suzie Beauty and I’ll be sharing a post on how I clean my brushes and take care of them. For my face, I used a primer from M.A.C for a matte finish. With this heat and my pores and sweat glands that open up at the sight of sunshine, a matte finish is what I needed. I followed with Suzie Beauty concealer in Caramel using the F4 Concealer Brush to cover up a few blemishes as well as on my eyelids and lips to prep my blank canvas for all the products I was going to apply. The coverage with this concealer is phenomenal and I’d recommend it any day because a little goes a long way. To set everything, I used Suzie Beauty Loose Powder in SB40 and F1 Powder Brush.

On my eyes, I first used the Toast from the Sleek Au Naturel palette to set my eye area up until my brow bone and also act as my transition color. I used the E2 Medium Shadow Brush, which is good for application of eye shadow all over the eye. Next I used the E4 Contouring Brush with a bit of Regal still from the Au Naturel Palette to contour my eye shape, curving it out into a sort of V-shape for that cat eye feel. I also used a bit of Bark to slightly darken my crease and add dimension.


I first closed my eye then placed the brush in my crease on the outer part of my eye, opened it and started working in light circular motions and then slowly dragging it to the center of my crease as well as flicking it outwards to the edge of my eye. A good tip on doing this is to use a little product at a time and build it up to the desired result.

I finished the look by applying a purple shade from Sleek’s Original palette using the E3 Small Eye Shadow brush, which is good for packing color with precision with minimal fall out. In between applying the different shades, I kept going back with the E2 brush to blend out the shadows and remove any harsh lines and soften the look and cleaned my edges with my concealer brush.


To fill in my eyebrows, I used the E5 Angled Brush and Changa. I was once stopped by a lady who just wanted to ask me what I use to fill in my eyebrows and I often get asked how I do it using eye shadow. Truth be told, my eyebrows take the most time to do…it’s like I’m doing surgery and do not even get me started with the winged liner. From holding my breath so that I can maintain the precision and not mess up, it’s a daily struggle but practice makes perfect. Anyway, I line the bottom side of my eyebrow following my brow bone to where my brow ends.

Without dipping my brush back for more product, I line the top of my brow again following my brow bone then carefully curve over my arch (feel free to exhale and take another deep breath 🙂 ) bringing it down to meet the bottom line just before the end. After that, I fill in using the same eye shadow in small flicks so that my eyebrows look natural. I use the slightest black matte shadow from the middle part of my eyebrows and fill in till the edge to slightly darken it.


To perfect my pout and full lips, I lined my lips using the M.A.C’s Nightmoth liner blending it inwards using a lip brush. For lipstick, I mixed M.A.C’s Rubywoo and Sleek’s Russian Roulette cleaning out the edges with a bit of concealer. Anyone who knows me, knows my go to lip color is red…there’s a reason it’s called a “power lip” :-).  I finished off this look by applying some highlighter on the tops of my cheeks, tip of my nose, Cupid’s bow and just above my eyebrows for a glow.

One of the best things I love about this look is it did not feel heavy on my skin and I can rock it in the office, out to dinner or a cocktail with friends. I would love to see you recreate this look and if you do, please share your photos or leave a comment and tell me how it worked out for you!


Have a lovely Easter break! 🙂