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Smokey eye paired with a vampy bold lip…

I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past one hour, trying to come up with a plausible reason as to why I’ve been MIA for a while. I mean I don’t get to disappear for a month and half and not explain myself! Who do I think I am? My readers need to be entertained…at least I hope you enjoy getting to know me and what I love. 🙂

Truth is, last month pretty much kicked my butt and for a moment, I needed the time to patch myself up, re-group and come back swinging. In addition to being makeup being my passion, it’s also where I love going to for comfort and just to think through things, which is how I ended up recreating this smokey and vampy slayage. 🙂

In fact, I was just organizing my makeup and stumbled across the Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit liquid lipstick in the shade Video Vixen and after swatching it on my arm, well next thing I knew I had a smokey eye going on and I was too far gone to attempt to save myself. 🙂



I start by outlining the top and bottom of my eyebrow.


I prefer starting with my eyebrows anytime I do my makeup and especially the full on glam look because I avoid leaving palm or finger prints on my face. I filled in my eyebrows using the Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade in the shade Dark Brown and cleaned up using L.A Girl Pro Concealear in Fawn.


Check out that eyebrow and this is before clean up with concealer.

For my eye make up, I started by prepping my eyes with M.A.C Prep+Prime 24 Hour Extend Eye Base. I then went in with the Morphe 35N palette, which is made up of matte shadows, good for transition and blending out harsh edges. You can also build up the intensity of the shadows to what you desire.

For my lid, I used the Suzie Beauty Savannah Sunset eye shadow trio and spritzed some M.A.C fix plus on the brush before picking up the eye shadow and packing it on. I smoked out my lower lash line using the same shadows, lined my waterline with Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal eye liner and applied the Great Lash mascara on my lashes.


Thinking about the food I was going to devour at my folks.

For foundation, I used the BlackUp SPF 25 Protective primer and Matifying Fluid Foundation Teinte 06 and the same concealer for eyebrows to highlight setting it with the L.A Girl HD setting powder and  Suzie Beauty SB40 to set the rest of my face. For highlight and blush, I used the highlighter from the Sleek MakeUp contour kit and Suzie Beauty blush in Terracota.


I was smizing for dear life…lol. Also, I have lashes!

Finally, I lined and filled my lips with M.A.C Nightmoth liner and followed with the Wet n Wild liquid lipstick then locked it all in place with M.A.C the fix plus.


I love my big doe eyes. 🙂

I absolutely loved how it turned out and I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ll see you on the next one! 🙂


Gold Shimmer and a Bright Orange Lip Colour

Who would have thought that I’d write my first blog post on a chilled out Friday night in my bedroom as I listened to the rain pouring outside? Seriously, I had just finished trying out this orange lipstick and posted a photo on Instagram (because you know we’re all bout that life nowadaysJ). Anyway, I was just about to post another photo with details on my look and after I’ve gone listed all the products used and how used them, just as I was about to share the update, my phone froze! I tried coaxing it to work, giving it a few minutes come around. I dropped it last year the screen went black. Instead of fixing it, I just dumped it in my bedside drawer till I got someone who could fix it without me having to part with my spleen and one of my kidneys!

Anyway, I think my phone caught feelings and was determined to get back at me for sticking it in the drawer instead of parting with my kidney to fix it immediately :-).

Back to my story…I gave up on my phone and started folding laundry, frustrated that after all the time I took to type out the details of my look, I would have to start all over because I had to restart my phone. I was debating sharing the details tomorrow when the idea came to me. I have thought about it enough times because it’s something I’m passionate about but never quite had the courage to take that step. Well here goes nothing…wish me luck!

Gold Shimmer and an orange lip

To prime my face, I used the Nivea Men Aftershave Balm in Sensitive. Now before you go ahead and cringe in horror, it worked. Since training with Suzie Beauty as a makeup artist, I started following brands and other make-up artists both local and global artists. I came across this channel NikkieTutorials, a make-up artist based in Netherlands whose work is out of this world. In a number of her tutorials, she used the aftershave as a primer. The reason it works is because a key ingredient is glycerine, which helps products stick to your face. I decided to try it out and I loved the results. For foundation, I used SuzieBeauty foundation, mixing SB40 and SB50 and set it with loose powder in SB40.

I filled in my eyebrows with SuzieBeauty’s matte brown eye shadow Changa and a black matte eye shadow from Sleek MakeUP using an angled brush.

For my eyes, I created the look using Sleek MakeUP I-Divine Au Naturel and Original palettes. I started with the Au Naturel palette, sweeping Honeycomb and Cappuccino over my eyelid as transition shades. I blended Bark and Regal on my brow bone contouring to get a sort of “V” shape on the outer corner of my eye.


Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Au naturel Palette

To finish off, I patted Sterling all over my eyelid blending it out with the rest of the eye shadows to remove any harshness. The Au Naturel palette consists mostly matte, velvety shadows with the exception of Taupe, Mineral Earth and Conker, which are shimmery. If you’re one for a very natural or neutral look, this palette is more than enough. Yeah right…as if you can ever stop at one eye shadow palette. The Original palette on the other hand is all about metallic and shimmery shades for a bit more drama.


Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Original Palette


I must warn you however…the fall out with the Original palette is major so you need to be careful otherwise you will end up with the shimmer all over your cheeks and especially if you decide to do a smokey eye, you definitely do not want a big and will need to clean it up after. I watched a YouTube video makeup artist Chloe Morello who used panty liners to catch fall out of any glittery/shimmery eye shadows in a tutorial.

*Something to consider trying perhaps* 🙂

One of the best things about Sleek MakeUP eye shadows is they are highly pigmented and you the payoff is amazing and you can them almost in all beauty stores and stands in supermarkets. A point to note though is for the Au Naturel palette, I have only been able to get it at Lintons Pharmacy near Hilton Hotel.

To finish off my look, I mixed Sleek MakeUP O.M.G and Island Beauty’s Papaya. Again, very affordable and are available locally. The Sleek MakeUP lipstick goes for a little over Ksh800, while Island Beauty goes for around Ksh300.

Hope you have had a great start to your year and here’s to more posts! I have a feeling this will be quite an adventure! 🙂